Waking Καλλιόπη


Waking Καλλιόπη is a collaborative online artwork by Tim Brennan and Ilektra Maipa and supported by Manchester Metropolitan University. It forms part of their ongoing research into the performativity of writing, reading and the visual and the potential of the internet to unlock the terms and conditions of poetry. By navigating in space (with cursor movements) a drawn line in real time, traces a line across the user’s screen. This journey is built gradually at the pace of every user. When the user clicks on points along the line the words of Brennan and Maipa's collaborative poem are revealed. Each pop up window is coded to show a section of google images associated to the word that has been made visible. By clicking new point along the line successive words of the poem appear along with further curated information. Each user determines how they write and read the poem through their action of drawing. In this way the idea of the poem as a locked or sealed object is opened up to the agency of the user. The user becomes the reader, writer and maker in the extended this visual poem.